About ATProduct

ATProduct was founded in 2021 to provide cloud services for monitoring, performace pricing and retail market activities addressed to companies, maximizing their benefits by making use of the data and insights available at each company today.

In the beginning of 2021, ATProduct developed and circulated live the platform atproduct.ioATProduc tracks, evaluates and builds a dynamic 'products', with the aim of trusting them to carry out the company’s communication campaigns.

ATProduct is a service that monitors the market for each product with the information that is available online. Thus, each eshop owner has a clear picture of their market as a whole, but also for each product separately. It also has the ability to take decisions and implement them quickly and easily through automated procedures and an excellent UI.

Continuously adapting to the needs of our time, ATProduct is always trying to create the ideal circumstances in order for its employees and other stakeholders to be able to trust the company completely. Despite the fact that we are a small company, we still have the capacity to provide:

 16 salaries a year, based on the targets set by all at the beginning of the year
 A flexible work schedule, in hours and days, and the option to work from home
 Access to the gym and indoor pool of the offices complex where the company if located
 Training in new technologies

If you wish to learn more about us, as an investor, a working candidate, or a journalist, you can fill the form here. We will instantly get in touch with you for any questions or clarifications.