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ATProduct support Competition-based strategy, Cost-plus, Dynamic, Penetration and skimming strategy. ATProduct can automatically create a competitor map for your product, giving you the most accurate information about your market.


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Our in-house growth agency helps you drive customer adoption and growth. From marketing campaigns to SEO, branding, and more; we're here to help you grow.

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you can easily and quickly manage in a minimum of time all the changes that will help you in the development of your Brand


You can find all the photos from your competitors and understand whether your photo is the reason for someone to buy the Product or not. The photo is one of the aspects that determines if a product can sell or not. You can run an A/B testing on more photos from the feedback of your real competitors.

Product tag

It's important for a client to find a product in the way that he/she has thought of finding it. Compare the way you have described a product with the 'tags' of your competitors and automate the searching procedure on your eshop.

Product Title

The title can make the difference on its own. It's the title that appears on banners, search engine organic results, social media. The title is the key so that a client can find what he/she is looking for. The closer it is to the search terms or our client, the higher the chances that he/she will visit our eshop.

Product Price

This is the first and most important attribute based on which a client will purchase a product. The better we present the important aspects of a product, the more willing a client will be to pay more that the market average.

Description / attributes

By reviewing and comparing our competitors content, we will be able to have answers to all possible questions of a prospective buyer.

Price Min Max

Market Watch, ready to react to any change that happens in our market. We complete the whole picture.