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ATProduct Technology


The concept of product classification consists of categorizing products by specific characteristics so that they form a structured portfolio.

Product classification is the key to ATProduct services. We have implemented a 3-group classification by default and we also provide the ability to create custom categories.

Our suggested categories:
1) Key Products - Products that drive traffic. KPItem, KPcategory.
2) Basket Products - Products that keep your clients coming back for more.
3) Value Products - Products with high profitability.

Different industries have different product classification needs. We help each one of them maximize their product lines and build a profitable basket.


Even though our robust central repository is not a complete PIM, it is the engine that drives product classification and competitor discovery and enables you to navigate your ecosystem in the fastest and strongest way possible.

Its responsibility is to be the single source of truth for information and connections about your’s and your competitors’ products and aggregates data from multiple search engines, the ICECAT,a unique open and multi-lingual catalog, classification database and a series of external APIs.


Which of your competitors’ products is your customer going to choose? Make sure you are always first in your customer’s mind by making informed decisions.

ATProduct can automatically create a competitor map for your product, giving you the most accurate information about your market.

By creating a real map of competitors, your company can optimize its strategy in the strongest way possible. Increase velocity. Stay ahead.


Export your products easy to Google Shopping,Amazon, Facebook.

Automate your online marketing campaigns connected directly to your data feed.

- Why advertise products that our competitors are selling significantly cheaper?

- Why not choose only those products where we can win over the client with our content and price, automatically?

3 Steps
- Create a feed with a click
- Add feed specific categories
- Exclude products


Decide, implement, review, repeat.

Neat, yet extensive, our reporting system provides you with the most relevant information at the right time. We can keep you up to date with the actions you have to perform to stay ahead, while reducing the amount of work needed to stay informed, enabling even the smallest teams to be data driven.


A ATPtrigger is the event that starts a cloud flow. For example, if you want to get a notification via email when a price drop from a group of compitetors , in this case you receiving an email is the trigger that starts this flow.

ATPtriggers can be started instantly or manually, on a schedule, or automatically when some other even occurs.

What is ATProduct ?

... is a service that monitors the market for each product with the information that is available online. Thus, each eshop owner has a clear picture of their market as a whole, but also for each product separately. It also has the ability to take decisions and implement them quickly and easily through automated procedures and an excellent UI.

Each brand with its own unique 'personality'

Reliable product data gathering solutions.
for your business.

ATProduct reads data directly from the web, multiple times per day from each competitor product page.With pay as you go subscription for any business. Make an appointment now

In an excellent user interface,

you can easily and quickly manage in a minimum of time all the changes that will help you in the development of your Brand


You can find all the photos from your competitors and understand whether your photo is the reason for someone to buy the Product or not. The photo is one of the aspects that determines if a product can sell or not. You can run an A/B testing on more photos from the feedback of your real competitors.

Product tag

It's important for a client to find a product in the way that he/she has thought of finding it. Compare the way you have described a product with the 'tags' of your competitors and automate the searching procedure on your eshop.

Product Title

The title can make the difference on its own. It's the title that appears on banners, search engine organic results, social media. The title is the key so that a client can find what he/she is looking for. The closer it is to the search terms or our client, the higher the chances that he/she will visit our eshop.

Product Price

This is the first and most important attribute based on which a client will purchase a product. The better we present the important aspects of a product, the more willing a client will be to pay more that the market average.

Description / attributes

By reviewing and comparing our competitors content, we will be able to have answers to all possible questions of a prospective buyer.

Price Min Max

Market Watch, ready to react to any change that happens in our market. We complete the whole picture.